Sophisticated & Coarse | Notes & Thoughts

  • 09:00:33 am on April 16, 2008 | 0
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    Welcome to my new old blog. As you may know, I started this blog as IVIED here about one year ago and then moved it over to its present location at

    So now I just reactivated and renamed it as my second blog. Here you will only find short notes on my everyday experiences and my thoughts about that as well as announcements for events and stuff like this. So there will only be short post here. The longer reports and articles will still be found on the IVIED blog.

    PS: A short note on the name: “Sophisitcated & Coarse” is taken from the song “Sophisticated & Coarse (Everyday Thoughts)” by Ty feat. Eska which can be found on Gilles Peterson’s “Worldwide Exclusives” compilation (Talkin Loud, 2004).

    PPS: Excerpts of the latest articles in this blog can also be found on the top of the IVIED blog as well, so you don’t have to always check both blogs for updates.


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