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  • 09:37:26 am on May 19, 2008 | 3
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    I just want to give you a quick tutorial on how to create photos just like the following in GIMP.

    Eine Rote Couch Und Der 13A

    I didn’t find it too difficult to just select the parts of the image I wanted to leave colored. But the thing was that there were sharp edges meaning that you could see the pixels. I searched the web and found these instructions very helpful. So here are the whole instructions:

    1. Open your photo in GIMP
    2. Right-click on the layer in the “Layers”-Digalog (“Ebenen”) and duplicate (“Ebene duplizieren”) the layer
    3. Now create a mask around the edge of the object you want to leave colored (the red couch and the red front of the bus) on the top layer. Use the “Free Selection”/”Freie Auswahl” aka “Lasso” for this. Better spend a bit more time on this to have your object(s) properly selected.
    4. Then go to “Select” (“Auswahl”) in the Menu and switch to quick mask (“Schnellmaske umschalten”)
      You can also press Shift+Q or click this small dashed rectangle in the bottom left corner of the image window to do this.
    5. Now in the menu click “Filters” go to “Blur” (“Weichzeichnen”) and select “Gaussian Blur” (“Gaußscher Weichzeichner”).
    6. In the window that comes up you can select how much the edges of your selection should be blurred (I just left the default settings) and then click OK.
    7. Now switch back to the normal mask.
    8. Press STRG+X to remove the selected area.
    9. In the menu go to “Color” (“Farben”) and click “Desaturate” (“Entsättigen”)
    10. In the small popup window you can makes some settings for the desaturation and then click OK.

    That should be it, at least I didn’t do more for the image above. Now you can try to make your own black/white/color images, I really like this kind of pictures…



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