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  • 08:04:14 pm on May 23, 2008 | 0
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    Campusrock 2008

    Only two weeks to go until the 2008 edition of the Campusrock festival in Fürstenfeld. This time they are going big again!! In the sixth year of its existance the festival is two days long and open air on the Fürstenfeld air field for the first time. And also the bands playing are bigger than ever before:

    Fri 6th June: Itchy Poopzkid, Emil Bulls, Machinemade God…

    Sat 7th June: Chikinki, Slut, TNT Jackson, Partyshank,…

    For the full lineup and running order go to!

    I think it’s gonna be great (well, I’ll only be there on Saturday) and I also hope that they wont have financial losses afterwards as they had three years ago when they had e.g. IAMX, Virgina Jetzt and 4lyn.


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