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  • 11:43:17 pm on December 1, 2008 | 0
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    I recently read this interesting blog post linking to this article. I didn’t read this whole article but the main point is that in the long run Mozilla Firefox will probably not survive Google Chrome. The reason for this being that…

    [Eighty-eight] percent of Mozilla’s funds come from Google, which pays Mozilla to be the default search engine in its Firefox browser.

    Well it is really obvious that Google is paying Mozilla quite some money as e.g this is the default start page after you’ve installed Firefox. And the author assumes that as Chrome gains market shares Google will start withdrawing money from Firefox.
    Interesting facts. We will see how the browser war goes on. By the way an interesting statistics in this context can be found here where you can see how quickly Chrome gained users.

    Link to source Found at
    More information Read the whole article at


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