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  • 06:21:33 pm on March 10, 2009 | 0
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    So, I’m actually working on a redesign of my main blog, currently at For this purpose I have XAMPP installed on my laptop computer. XAMPP is a great piece of software which installs (amongst others) an Apache as well as a MySQL Server locally on your computer. Therefore you don’t always have to ftp-upload your php-files to the web after every change in order to test it.

    So far this always worked fine. But today when I started Apache & MySQL through the XAMPP Control Panel I didn’t get a connection to localhost in the browser. After this I searched the internet with no real results. At one stage when I was rather desperate already I tried calling instead of localhost in the browser and this worked (!) somehow.

    So the problem finally was in the file “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” (that’s the file path in Vista). For some reason the following line was missing from this file:    localhost

    This actually translates localhost to the IP-address I don’t know why this was missing and if it had ever been there before but now it works again and I can keep developing…


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