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  • 10:08:33 pm on August 31, 2009 | 2
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    Just found out that The New Wine (already mentioned before) are offering some of their song for free download. They’re a band from Bergen (Norway), a city which is probably best know for the fact that Kings of Convenience and Erlend Øye respectively come from there. And actually The New Wine’s music also sounds a bit alike Erlend Øye’s stuff. Anyway, you can download below…

    PS: Here’s one more great song of them (not included in the download), the best one I heard so far:

    More information Free download at



  • Antonia 23:29 on September 5, 2009 | #

    Wie heißt das Lied?
    Vielleicht: I have to tell you?
    Das ist der Satz, der mir hängen geblieben ist aus dem Lied…

  • Thomas 00:04 on September 6, 2009 | #

    “I had to tell you” heißt das Lied. Wenn du bei dem Player auf “Info” klickst, dann steht das da auch…

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