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    Performance MX

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    About a month ago I bought a Logitech Performance Mouse MX from Amazon and my plan was to replace my old Microsoft optical mouse with it. But sadly this didn’t work out and after about five days I decided to return it. So here I want to share the experience I had with the mouse…

    What I liked:

    • The ergonomic shape of the mouse
    • It has many useful and configurable buttons that made navigating my computer much quicker
    • It is wireless and uses the extra small Unifying receiver
    • It can be used on pretty much every surface – although I think I would have used it on my desk most of the time anyway
    • The good build quality and the many accessories that come with the mouse including the charging cable and power adapter

    What I did not like:

    • The mouse is quite high/big and therefore you have to bend your hand up from the table even more than with smaller mice. So I think unless you have pretty large hands the mouse isn’t very ergonomic after all.
      This was the reason why I returned it as I found it very uncomfortable to use over a longer period of time.
    • It is also rather heavy and it’s not that easy to use if you aren’t used to this

    The conclusion:

    The Logitech Performance Mouse MX is a very good product and I think it is worth the money – but only if you have pretty large hands. With my rather medium sized hands my ball of the thumb (Handballen) was mostly not on the table but on the mouse/in the air which I found very uncomfortable over a longer period of time.

    A few tips:

    Here are a few things I found out during the few days I had the mouse that people who have this mouse may find useful.

    • Set Button 9 (thumb button) to “Dokumentenwechsel” (don’t know how they translate this to English) in the Logitech software. This uses the default Windows document switcher (“Windows” + “Tab”) and not the ugly and slow Logitech version.
    • Also in the Logitech software or in the Windows control panel under “Mouse” set the vertical scrolling to “6 Zeilen” (6 lines). This is important if you are using software like Google’s Picasa because otherwise scrolling won’t work properly in these programs.


  • Antonia 21:01 on January 11, 2011 | #

    That’s why I don’t use a mouse at all… 😉

  • Thomas 19:39 on January 12, 2011 | #

    @Antonia: Also grundsätzlich find ich eine Maus schon sehr sinnvoll. Nur dieses Modell ist halt nichts für mich. Aber naja, ich hab ja mein Geld wieder zurückbekommen…

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